fredag 5 oktober 2012


Äntligen är hösten här! Visserligen har jag min först förkylning med lite feber och ont, men det gör inte något.
Fina färger på träden och krispiga mornar.

Många böcker att läsa finns i mina underbara bokhyllor. Inte minst The casual vacancy som jag ska börja på i helgen. Har ni något bra boktips får ni gärna dela med er. :)

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Anonym sa...

There is a book that always had its admirers but that is being discovered again because of a film that will be released soon: On the Road by Jack Kerouack (På drift). His language is very special. Some times its beautiful, but some people also find difficult to follow his rythm. Some days ago I read that it was "a book for boys". Well, I don't agree with that, but I also don't know if you have read it or if you would like it. Another book by Kerouac that is easier to read than some other books by him is The Dharma Bums (Swedish titel: Dharmadårarna. Older translation: Dharmagänget). I have read him many years ago.

The best author that I read in the last years is Jonathan Franzen. For me his book The Corrections (Tillrättalägganden) is a great book and I believe that it will become a classic. It won several prizes. But I also know two people who tried to read it and gave up. The first page(s) may be a bit more difficult and some readers may not have the patience to go ahead, but after that it's easier to read and it's a brillant book. He can tell stories in a very interesting way. Another book by him is The Discomfort Zone (Den obekväma zonen), which is an autobiography, not a novel.

And if I were to suggest classic authors, I'd reccomend Charles Dickens (Oliver Twist for instance) and Henry James, especially his book The Portrait of a Lady. Swedish title: Porträtt av en dam). But maybe you know them already. And tastes and interests are so different that the books that I mention could easily be uninteresting for other people. I don't know. Kerouac's language and themes are quite unfamiliar for many readers.


Cecilia sa...

Thank you so much for all the great tips! Some I have read, some not.
I will definitely look in to the once I haven't read.

And thank you for all your nice and sweet comments on my blog in general. You don't happen to have a blog of your own?

/Cecilia :)

Anonym sa...

Hallo Cecilia

thanks for your nice words. I don't have a blog. It's not so common that people have blogs here. But maybe I should write you once and tell you how come I learned a bit of Swedish and maybe also send you a picture of my bookshelf.

I have seen your last picture in your blog. This time of the year must be really beautiful there (I've been in Sweden only in Summer and in Winter).

Cecilia sa...

Please do! I am curious :)

Anonym sa...

this evening I send you an e-mail... M.