onsdag 2 maj 2012

I bland

är det sjukt jobbigt att vara mamma. Mitt barn är aldrig jobbigt men saker som händer mitt barn som jag inte kan kontrollera. Hjärtat i tusen bitar.

3 kommentarer:

syster A sa...

Åh Jossan...aj i hjärtat.


Caroline/Drömlägenheten sa...

Kram! Älskade vänner

Anonym sa...

On the one hand parents are, and want to be responsible for their children, we want them to thrive, and to feel well.

On the other hand, we don't have any control over the world and the circunstances of our lives. We don't choose the country where we were born, the century in which we live, who are the people near us.

So, raising children is a challenge that is difficult (jobbig) some times. The best we can do is to support them on all occasions, to try to give them good advice, to help them to find the best ways.

(writing from Germany, I hope it's ok that I write in English, if not, you can delete the post...)